Welcome to Families for Better Care’s Resource Section. This is the best place to find critical information on nursing home care, safety, and rights, giving you the know-how to get first-rate service in the long-term care marketplace.

This cache of articles, reports, and studies includes such trending nursing home topics as the impact of nursing home probability on resident safety and how government agencies enforce nursing home laws to engaging in systems advocacy through the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Office and what are serious deficiencies in a nursing home.

But the two most important takeaways from this section are the Residents’ Rights and the Special Focus Facility List.

Every person living in a nursing home is given a specialized set of rights that are protected by federal law, that’s in addition to the same constitutional freedoms we enjoy. You can find those rights by clicking here. If you believe the rights of someone living in a nursing home are being violated, curbed, or infringed upon in any manner, contact us immediately by clicking the WE CAN HELP link. Our staff are advocacy experts and will help guide you on what you can do to keep your loved one safe.

Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing “special” about being on this list. The Special Focus Facility List is a “focus list” of nursing homes maintained and updated monthly by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (the federal agency tasked with enforcing nursing home laws). Nursing homes that land on this list are ones that have been identified for their ongoing problems and troublesome regulatory track records. The goal of the list is to motivate improvement through public scrutiny. Check this list regularly. Too often, residents and their families are in the dark that their nursing home is on the so-called “National Nursing Home Hall of Shame.”

If at, any time, you need help or have questions about resident care and safety, contact us, we can help.

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